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FriskyFilly is my handle over the road.... I'm 48, Christie, a country lady loving life! I followed hubby through professional truck school, graduating February of 2004 from Western Truck School in California...

He continued as an over the road truck driver/trainer to present... His new company banned Rottweilers from their trucks, so i stay home with my gal...

I have experienced alot of 1st hand scenarios with him and continue to experience things through his experieneces daily...

We are here to educate and enlighten everyone about a Trucker's Rules of the Road...

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Saturday, January 09, 2010




1.  If you can't see our face in our side mirrors, we sure can't see YOU!
(If you are within 50 feet of our front or back bumpers, we can't see you! ...Blind zones)

2..  We only ever have 10 brakes, not 18....
(None are disk brakes)

3.  At 55 mph it takes a regulation football field and a half
(650 ft) to come to a complete stop loaded...

4.  An 18 wheeler's weight fully loaded is 80,000 lbs...
(that's 80,000 lbs of rolling death)
(40 tons)

5.  Our rigs can suck motorcycles under with the draft killing riders...
(Also to people walking or standing as we pass by you...
If to close to us)

6.  We swing wide at all turns...
(Most roads were not designed for rigs...)
(Long trailers are 48 feet and mainly 53 footers...)

7.  Remember: Our cab turns left say, the trailer tail swings right....

8.  1st Responders: We are usually the 1st to HELP you! 
We are the 1st at an accident, we watched it happen!

9.  Need HELP?  Ask us, we have resources to assist you in our cabs...

10.  Fact:  Most auto vs rig accidents are caused by the auto &/or 2 wheeler...
(Proven by the Ride Along program with State Police, DOT certified...Cameras, video and tickets... In WA, MO & KY)

11.  4 wheelers (autos, pickups, trucks, motorcycles) must STOP cutting us off!
(Be it at stops, ramps, traveling, in traffic, etc...)

12.  4 wheelers STOP pushing us!
(We do the best we can loaded, flooring the pedal to the metal just to get rolling from a stop)
(Most trucks are governed at 62  - 68 mph, a few at 72 mph)

13.  4 wheelers, move out of the way if you are going S.L.O.W in the right lane....
( It's safer for you to change lanes than for us)
(We are on time sensitive delivery loads most times)

14.  Our 4-way lights on, we may be backing up, not always stopped!

15.   Backing in to a straight a way, we have to swing the cab to push the trailer in...

16.  Do not high beam us, we have to hold our speeds!
(Some companies make us run at 50 - 55 mph)

17.  In merge situations, we hold our lane and speeds on the highways...
(We can't yield to you when you merge in from ramps, our loads may shift causing an accident....)

18.  We are more deadly without the trailer attached....
(Bobtailing, we can flip as soon as we hit the breaks quick and hard!)
(Plus, brakes only stop on the front 2 brakes designed to work for 80,000 lbs!)

(Smaller the truck is NOT the safest either!)

19.  Most of us have graduated Professional Truck School, we are professional tractor trailer drivers!
(Trucking is our career, our job, our lifestyle)

~ ~ ~

*  REMEMBER:  If you bought it, a trucker brought it!
Thank the trucker....

Lady Trucker

It's against the law for truckers to blow their air horns!
(Unless for an emergency)


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